TPB Podcast Episode 22: N64 & Pokemon Red Blue Birthday, Wolfenstein, Duck Season VR

September 30, 2017

N64 turned 21 years old this week and Pokemon Red/Blue turned 19... how old do you feel NOW?

Duck Season VR: Fulfilling the joyful memories of your past while also filling your current dark morbid side.

Try Playing THIS Better for October and Matt's punishment

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TPB Podcast Episode 21: Serial Cleaner, Chaos Reborn, Achievements and Drinking Games

September 24, 2017

This week we go over our picks for "Try Playing THIS Better" September. Hear what we thought about Serial Cleaner and Chaos Reborn.

Do you hunt achievements? What do you think about the different systems and how they handle such things?

Who needs an excuse to drink? Well, no one, but it doesn't hurt. Do you have any video game related drinking games?

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TPB Podcast Episode 20: XCOM War of the Chosen and Mario + Rabbids

September 16, 2017

Two games we've been looking forward to get released on the same day! Strategy overload! X-COM released its War of the Chosen DLC and Mario + Rabbids is released on the Switch. Needless to say, we're both a little excited.

We also take some time to resond to some emails/tweets while getting ready for next weeks summary of "Try Playing THIS Better" for September.

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TPB Podcast Episode 19: Gaming Bucket List Part 1

September 9, 2017

Think of those games that EVERYONE should try at least once. Those epic games. We had this crazy idea to make a list, see where we stand and maybe check off a few along the way. Seeing as this is going to be a very long discussion, we focused on retro gaming mostly for this episode but fear not, there will be more. We would love to hear any input or suggestions for the list so please feel free to contact us by email or twitter @tryplayinbetter

Hope you enjoy and as always... Try Playing Better

***Disclaimer: We know everyone has their own preferences and while a list of "must play" games isn't going to work for everyone, we're using the info we have on gaming in general to try to make this "gaming bucket list".


TPB Podcast Episode 18: Replay value, Adult themes and Try Playing THIS Better Sept

September 3, 2017

That was fun... now do it again. This week, we discuss games we go back to and what gives games replay value. Seeing as it's episode 18, we discuss some of the NSFW moments in gaming as well. We end on our September picks for Try Playing THIS better and on a somewhat unusual note, we're both playing the same games

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TPB Podcast Episode 17: Try Playing THIS Better August Review

August 27, 2017

Well... Matt played his measly ONE game while Justin took on two! See what they thought and how they faired.


Picture yourself. You're at a house party. You're surrounded by people you don't know that well. Off in the distance... you hear a pupper. You must pet said pupper. Well this is the premise for the game "Pet the Pup at the Party".


Last but not least, we're international now! Thank you all for the support and HUGE shoutout to Canada, The UK, Sweden and Brazil!


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TPB Podcast Episode 16: Driving Games

August 20, 2017

What's your favorite driving game? Is it super realistic? Is it stylized? Do you throw bananas at other racers? Does Rocket League count as a "racing game"? So many questions and so few answers.


TPB Podcast Episode 15: Try Playing THIS Better Aug picks and Controllers

August 11, 2017

After Justin's falure of not playing enough of his challenge game from July, Matt has to play his normal one game but get's to pick two for Justin. What will they be? Will he fail again?

Over the years, game controllers have been all over the place. Some have been pretty simple, while others have been quite.... interesting. What was your favorite controller and what is the weirdest?


TPB Podcast Episode 14: Indie Game the Movie and games you like watching

August 6, 2017

Have you felt the rage that is Super Meat Boy? Have you seen what it took to make that game? We touch on Indie Game the Movie which follows the creators behind Super Meat Boy, FEZ and Braid. We also discuss how Justin hates horror games... but for some sadistic reason enjoys watching others play them. Do you have any games you enjoy watching but not playing?


TPB Podcast Episode 13: Mobile Games

July 29, 2017

We talk about PC gaming a lot because it tends to be on the front line of what gaming is and will be... but what about mobile games? There's a LOT of garbage out there when it comes to mobile games but what are the exceptions? What games do you stand by that are quality games on your mobile device?